Social Media

Want more visibility and leads from social media?

Social media platforms are fantastic tools for driving traffic to your website.

By developing a presence on these websites, more potential customers will find you and then hopefully visit your site.

Customer Focused

Our partners are at the heart of everything we do. We recognise how important your website is and what it takes to help you succeed online.

Why Buffalo?

Yorkshire Studio

We are proudly based in the heart of Yorkshire and over 90% of our clients is based in the region.

We Don't Speak Geek

We are a down to earth Yorkshire agency who speak your language and understand how confusing this topic can be.

How We Work

Social Media Management

Our social management services are designed to take the stress of managing social media away from you, with our specialist team using tried and tested techniques to discover leads for you.

Audience Building

Identify & engage your ideal customers

A relevant audience on your social accounts is key to driving people to your website. At the start of your social campaign, we coordinate with you to ensure we are aiming our social marketing at the groups you want to target.

After deciding on a target audience, we use a variety of tools to build an audience on the platforms of your choice. Gradually, we build an audience that is relevant to your business.

Social Media Audience Building

Social Media Content Creation

Content Creation

Why "Buy My Stuff!" Messages don't work

We believe that sales messages aren’t the right way to go about your social media marketing, which is why we assess your business and ensure that we are creative with our content creation for your social platforms.

The typical ‘buy from us’ messages simply don’t connect with customers, regardless of the industry that you are in. Although explicit advertisement is needed on occasion, we tend to create interesting posts that your customers actually appreciate, rather than just attempting to sell to them.

Community Engagement

Building relationships for long term benefits

Building a community is just the beginning of social media marketing. Maintaining that community through regular engagement is crucial. We aim to build a relationship between your business and your consumers through regular communication that lets the customer know they are valued.

Our digital marketing team create social media content that encourages customers to share and comment and replies to customers when they do comment to create an active community for your business on your social platforms.

Social Media Community Engagement

Prizehouse Construction Case Study

Construction Company

Prizehouse Construction

Steve is a talented and skilled joiner and his business Prizehouse has a great reputation for the quality of their projects. However, by Steve's own admission, he had no idea how to use a website and digital marketing to promote his business. We came up with a sensible step by step plan to help his business grow.

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