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SEO Yorkshire: What is SEO?

SEO: What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Some business owners believe that once their fantastic new website is out there in the world, there is no more work to do. The launch of a website is simply the beginning when it comes to helping customers get to your site. Without SEO, your website has an extremely slim chance of being discovered in search engines; this isn’t good for you, as brand-new customers won’t be able to find your site or business.

What is SEO, and how will it benefit your business in the long run?

SEO Yorkshire: What is SEO?

If you want your business and its website to be discovered in Google and other search engines, SEO is essential.

SEO – the acronym of Search Engine Optimisation – is the umbrella term for numerous activities that take place to optimise your website for search engines. Essentially, all this means is making your website appealing to search engines, so they choose to display your site for certain keywords.

Why is SEO so crucial?

Search engine optimisation has never been more important for businesses looking to sell a product or service. This is particularly the case when you operate in a competitive industry.

Getting traffic to your website is the only way to gain conversions. If nobody is on your website, how are they meant to buy from your site?

With search engine optimisation, you increase the chances of getting people to your website. By optimising for search engines, you will be found more regularly when people are searching for services or products that you offer. Therefore, this means that you will have more people coming through to your website and potentially buying from you.

According to some of the latest data, nearly 60% of all traffic on the internet starts with a search on Google. You cannot afford to not capitalise on this opportunity for success!

Yorkshire SEO: How much does SEO cost?

With the big difference that SEO can make for your business, you might presume it is a costly investment. In fact, SEO does not cost a penny! All optimising your website for search engines will cost you is time.

Although there are thousands of costly tools available to help with optimising sites, you do not require these tools to optimise your site. You just need some SEO know-how, a computer, a website, and some free time.

SEO Yorkshire: How much time does SEO take?

In the last point, we mentioned that the only thing SEO will cost you is time. And it will cost you time. A lot of it! SEO is a lot of hard work, and even working hard will not mean immediate results.

Search engine optimisation activities require a varying amount of times. To optimise the content that you currently have, you might need a few days. However, optimising the content that you presently have is only the beginning for most people. Beyond that, you likely need to create plenty of content for search engine optimisation purposes, which isn’t quick work.

SEO can also be extremely disheartening. You might think that you have created the best article ever on the subject you are writing about, but that doesn’t mean it will rank highly on search engines. In fact, it might not rank at all. When optimising your website, it is important to not be discouraged when things do not immediately turn out as you would expect.