Snap Happy Photo Booths

New Business. New Logo. New Website.


The Situation

Snap Happy Photo Booths

Snap Happy Photobooths are a business that specialise in inflatable photo booths ideal for a variety of events, such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and corporate events.

As a start-up investing in their first website, Snap Happy needed a fun yet professional website that they could use as a tool to generate some attention for their business. The website needed to support a simple internally yet outwardly sophisticated booking system that Snap Happy’s employees could both manage and observe easily.


The Solution

As Snap Happy Photobooths was a start-up, our design team was beginning this project with a blank slate. The client did not have any graphic assets already attributed to their business, so our designers had the chance to come up with something really special without having to abide by existing marketing materials.

Our design team created branding alongside a series of page designs, then worked directly with the client to refine the branding and page designs to guarantee that the designed pages were something that they were happy to display as part of the online presence of their business. After the completion of design, our team of website developers got to work creating this website and the bespoke booking system.

Aramark Side by Side Case Study

Aramark Side by Side


The Success

After working diligently with the client to ensure we made a website that they loved, this website was created before the set deadline, much to the delight of the client. This allowed them to take the time to properly market their business with and alongside their website to make sure their start-up got the best possible start.

Digital marketing is important for all businesses, but it was particularly vital for this start-up that did not have any presence on the web and search engines whatsoever. The Snap Happy team attended one of our digital marketing workshops that was tailored specifically for them. This workshop taught them how to promote their website and how to ensure it was easily found on search engines such as Google. With the tips from the Buffalo team, Snap Happy were on the right path towards success with this venture!


What Snap Happy Said:

“As a new start-up, the advice of Buffalo was essential. Our new website is amazing.”

Victoria La Trobe

Mark Redfearn


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