Prizehouse Construction

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The Situation

Prizehouse Construction provide a full range of construction, building and joinery services to domestic households. They specialise in creating picturesque yet practical additions to homes across the UK, such as loft conversions.

Prizehouse Construction needed a modern, updated website that displayed projects they had completed and something that they could use to attract potential new clients. This theoretical website would be updated regularly with new case studies and blog posts about projects Prizehouse had completed, as well as new images displaying the bespoke work they had recently completed.


The Solution

As Prizehouse already had graphical assets from their current website, our design team had a basis from which they could begin their designs for the new website. To ensure consistency with any current and previous marketing material currently in circulation, our team guaranteed that brand identity was applied consistently while modernising and overhauling the current Prizehouse website to bring it up to current standards.

As with all of our projects, our design team presented multiple detailed page designs to the client. These designs were then tweaked until they satisfied the Prizehouse team, at which point they were passed onto our team of coders who set about creating the pages on the WordPress content management system. This content management system allowed the client to make changes to their website whenever they wished.

Prizehouse Construction Case Study

Prizehouse Construction Case Study


The Success

In partnership with the Prizehouse Construction team, we were able to create and launch the new Prizehouse website within 10 weeks. Meeting the deadline set at the beginning of the project, this allowed for a big marketing push that coincided with the website launch.

Subsequent to the launch of the brand new Prizehouse website, the Prizehouse team attended a Buffalo digital marketing workshop that taught them everything that they needed to know about marketing their website in the digital world. This specialised workshop we offer includes lessons on increasing traffic through various methods, placing our clients in a good position to help their website be discovered on search engines.


What Steve Said:

“We have been impressed with Buffalo in the past, so choosing them to make our new website was a no-brainer. We couldn’t be happier!”

Steve O'Donnell


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