Henley Granite

Wakefield Granite Worktop Business Goes Online


The Situation

Henley Granite & Marble are a leading manufacturer of bespoke worktops. They design, develop and install tailored worktops to meet the specific requirements of their customers.

Henley Granite & Marble was the latest addition to the Henley Group, and they needed a website to display their leading worktops to potential customers. This website needed to be beautiful, filled with gorgeous images of worktops that would leave their potential clients wanting a bespoke worktop of their own.


The Solution

As Henley Granite & Marble was essentially a brand-new enterprise when they contacted us about their new website, our design team had little in way of assets for inspiration before beginning this project. By communicating with those leading the new website project Henley side regularly, our team created a website that ensured an independent identity for the Henley Granite & Marble website while still retaining consistency with the rest of the Henley Group.

Our design team worked on a number of possible designs, which were then developed in conjunction with the client to create the best possible design for the Henley Granite website. Ultimately, this led to a design that really portrayed what the client’s business was about: stunning bespoke worktops. This was constructed on the WordPress platform, allowing for easy editing and addition of new case studies, which was important for a client creating specialised worktops for their customers.

Henley Granite Case Study

Henley Granite Case Study


The Success

In a period of just 8 weeks, we were able to design and create a 20-page website and branding for our client that met their needs exactly. As a new entity, it was crucial that Henley Granite & Marble had the perfect face for their business online, which is exactly what the website created by our team offered.

After the creation and launch of the client’s new website, their marketing team attended our digital marketing workshop, which taught them how they would be able to update their website with new case studies as and when they needed to. The workshop also included valuable lessons on creating a presence online, which is particularly important for a new business finding its legs such as Henley Granite and Marble.


What Jon Said:

“Having worked with Buffalo on a number of projects in the last two years it was a very easy decision to choose them for our new website. We are all more than happy with the result.”

John Henley

Jon Henley


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