Cladding Depot

New eCommerce Website Increases Sales


The Situation

Cladding Depot

Phil & Richard of Cladding Depot already had an eCommerce website but after 18 months of trying hadn’t really made any sales in that time and were generally despondent about the prospects of selling online. They approached us to look at their existing setup, including their digital marketing, with a mandate to significantly improve sales.

They also had a company mascot, Captain Clad, who also needed re-inventing so that he could be a fun focal point of the website to engage with site visitors.


The Solution

Firstly we built a brand new website from the ground that was built specifically to the needs of Cladding Depot and their target market. This included the ability to quickly and easily create bundle deals, arrange free shipping and created discounted special offers.

Secondly, once the new site was complete and launched, we inherited full responsibility for the marketing of the website to increase traffic and ultimately sales. This included social media, search engine optimisation and email marketing, all built around a fresh-faced Captain Clad!

Cladding Depot

Cladding Depot


The Success

Cladding Depot now have an easy to use eCommerce website that Buffalo manages on their behalf leaving them to get on with running the other areas of their business. Traffic to the website and the value and volume of sales generated so far to date has significantly surpassed the benchmark set by the old website.

More importantly, as each customer registers, they now have an easy to follow strategy that engages with these new customers, to develop the relationship and transform them into loyal, repeat customers.


What Captain Clad Said:

“With our new site, we are selling more products than we ever have before. Thanks Buffalo!”

Captain Clad

Captain Clad


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