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The Situation

Aramark Freshers

Aramark Freshers is an element of Aramark Food Services providing health plans, recipes, and on-campus pop-up food facilities for university students.

Aramark Freshers needed a colourful, stand-out website that would quickly demonstrate the diverse options that they offer and deliver health plans and recipes directly to their target audience. This new website also needed to be easily accessible to Freshers employees who would need to update it regularly with new recipes.


The Solution

As part of the Aramark group, Aramark Freshers already had some graphics and brand assets that our design team had to incorporate to ensure consistency with the other elements of Aramark as a whole. However, our design team has full reign to create a colourful and lively website that would appeal to the university student target audience they had.

Ensuring that brand identity was applied consistently, our design team worked on multiple page designs based on the information provided by the Aramark Freshers team. After a period of refinement, our coders set to work on creating this very visual website on the WordPress content management system. One of the main advantages of the WordPress CMS is that it is very easy to update websites after launch, which made it the perfect option for Aramark Freshers when considering their ambition to regularly update their website with new recipes and health plans.

Aramark Side by Side Case Study

Aramark Side by Side


The Success

Working with those leading the project on the Aramark Freshers side, we were able to create and launch the Freshers website in a period of under 4 weeks. This allowed the website to launch in time for the new university academic year beginning, which was a condition set by the Aramark Freshers team at the start of the new website project.


What Aramark Said:

“Our website created by Buffalo is easily updated with new recipes and news, which is exactly what we wanted.”

Victoria La Trobe

Paul Guy


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