Buffalo Web Design Joins 6B

We are excited to announce that Buffalo has been acquired by award-winning digital agency, 6B Digital.

6B is a passionate, customer-focused digital agency, dealing in all aspects of design and technology. This includes creative branding and marketing to websites and app development, bespoke business systems and AI.

6B and Buffalo have worked together for some time, and share common values.

“This partnership is a great opportunity for the Buffalo family, and instantly increases the capabilities, expertise and resources available to our existing customers,” says Francis Stephenson, Managing Director of Buffalo. “6B has significant experience and skills across a wide range of digital services, which will only help our customers get more value from their websites and digital marketing activities in the future.”

The last eight years have seen Buffalo develop from a one-man band to a full-service agency. This new relationship with 6B represents another exciting chapter in the Buffalo journey.

“We’ve been working closely with 6B for the last couple of months preparing for the acquisition,” continues Francis. “Our clients’ existing services will continue as before, and 6B will be utilising their extensive knowledge and resources to provide a comprehensive service going forwards.”

About 6B
6B is a full service digital agency, offering web design, brand design and development, digital and traditional marketing packages, software and app development.

If you have any questions or would like further information requiring this acquisition, contact 6B today on 0113 350 1290, or email info@6bdigital.com and one of our friendly team will be happy to help.