content needs to be interesting

5 Reasons Your Blog Needs to Be Interesting

If you keep an eye on all of the latest search engine optimisation developments, you’ve probably realised how beneficial a blog can be for your SEO efforts. Unfortunately, very few businesses utilise their blogs to best effect.

When you come across the blog of a business creating content for SEO purposes, you’ll often find boring content that nobody wants to read; content that is nothing but an advertisement for the website that it is on. While this content might be great for SEO, it isn’t great for anyone visiting your blog for articles to enjoy.

Here are 5 reasons that your blog needs to be interesting, instead of loaded with content for SEO purposes.

A good welcome to your site

As your content begins ranking on Google, you will find that visitors are finding your website through that content and then clicking through. If you have plenty of content purely for SEO purposes, you might see a higher click-through rate than previously. Unfortunately, your bounce rate is also likely to increase.

If potential customers come onto your website to find interesting content about any subject, they might stay on your site and read some more of your blog posts. If they find content that has been clearly designed with search engines in mind instead of humans, the chance of them sticking around to further explore your site is much lower.

Lower your bounce rate

If you currently have people clicking through to your site and then immediately leaving, you’ll have a high bounce rate. A high bounce rate can have a negative impact on your search engine optimisation efforts, so you want to keep your bounce rate as low as you possibly can.

If people come to your website through an interesting blog post, the chances of them staying on your website to read content are high. Therefore, exciting content could be a way for you to lower your bounce rate. A lower bounce rate for your site tells Google and other search engines that your content is useful to users, increasing your chances of ranking higher on them!

Something intriguing for current users

If you have customers that will return to your website time and time again, having interesting content that they can read while they are on your site is important.

Customers who already know all they need to know about your business don’t want to be reading boring blog posts. If they see that your blog is full of content that’s of no interest to them, they might not return to check out your blog in the future. While some SEO content is fine, try to make sure that your blog has plenty of intriguing and informative content too that readers can enjoy.

Shareable on social media

Getting people to share your content to social media can be massively beneficial to your business. Not only is it more visibility for your business on more platforms, but it is more opportunity for new people to come to your site and potentially buy from you or sign up to your mailing list.

People are not going to share content that you have created purely for search engine optimisation purposes on social media, particularly if it is packed full of sales talk. Instead, they will share content that they have found interesting or that they think their friends will find intriguing or useful.

More opportunities to be found on search engines

If you want your website to be effective when reaching an audience larger than your current one, you need to ensure that it can be found on search engines as much as is possible. If your website cannot be found on Google, how are potential new customers ever going to be able to find your site?

Google and the other popular search engines have algorithms that place value on interesting content. These algorithms can tell what content is useful to users. Basically, the more interesting your content, the more opportunities you have to be found on search engines.