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3 Reasons You Should Write More than 300 Words in 2019

For years, you may have believed that writing 300 words on a subject and then publishing the content on your blog is enough. After all, there are a variety of SEO plugins for websites that advise 300 words as a minimum.

In 2019, while 300 words is still the minimum, you should be aiming much higher with your blog posts. Typically, depending on the subject that you are writing about and the keywords that you are using, you should be aiming to write at least 1000 words for all your posts.

1000 words? Obviously, going from 300 to 1000 words is a massive jump. A piece of long content requires more work to ensure that it is suitable, so finding the time to triple the size of your posts might not appeal to you. However, there is evidence that the more you write, the more successful the content is in multiple ways.

In this post, we are looking at why, in 2019, you should be writing content longer than 300 words.

Higher SERP rankings

If you are trying to optimise your site and its content for search engines, writing longer content could be the way to go. In recent times, numerous studies have been conducted that show the longer a piece of content, the higher it will typically rank in Google. For example, a study conducted by serpIQ a few years ago found that the top 10 posts were usually over 2,000 words. In fact, data showed that the longest post was 2nd in the top 10 results on average.

It is important that you don’t just ramble for longer to increase the number of words that you are writing in your posts. You need to ensure that your posts are high-quality throughout, even when your content is more extensive than a 300-word post.

More shareable content

Unless you are in an extremely niche industry, doing and selling things that have never been done or sold before, you aren’t going to be the only business offering what your company has to offer. Therefore, you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd; a way to be the business that is shared regularly on social media, instead of that being your competitors.

By creating longer content, you are creating content more likely to be shared on social media – even if your competitors are creating content about the same subjects! Many pieces of content are similar; a similar length and discussing similar things. If you create an extensive piece of content for your site that explores virtually every element of a point, you will have created the ultimate piece of content. You will have created the piece of content that everyone will want to share!

Longer stay on your site

It is a marketer’s nightmare: luring more people to a website site only for the people to leave immediately or soon after they’ve arrived. Not only does this increase your bounce rate, but it’s hardly going to earn you the custom you want.

How long would it take you to read a 300-word post? Compare how long that would take you compared to how long it would take you to read a 3000-word post. Obviously, a longer post means that people will be reading for longer if the content is engaging.

By creating longer posts for your site, you are virtually guaranteeing that people will spend more time on your website. If people are spending more time on your website, there is an increased chance that they will purchase whatever you are selling.


The evidence is overwhelming: the longer your engaging content is, the better. If you can create long content that is interesting and useful to your readers, you will witness benefits your SEO and social media interaction.